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Part Time Class-Room
October 4, 2014

Christian courses in Marysville, Washington begining Saturday (Evening 1 November 2014)

Open to anyone, this course of study is an excellent way of gaining more knowledge whilst being less demanding than full-time theological study.

Given the ability to access lectures online it is possible to complete studies at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home – or supportive studies can be undertaken at Freedom Covenant Seminary on selected Saturdays throughout the year.

It is an honor for the Seminary to be able to offer these courses to all people of different ages, and living in different parts of the world.

The successful completion of the two-year course, which includes modules in Biblical studies, Practical Theology, Christian Discipleship and Christian Doctrine, leads to a


The new sessions begins in 2014, with three new topics –‘Introductory Notes for the Diploma in Theology’, ‘Theology 111, and ‘Old Testament Introduction 212’. (Three Credits per course.) There are no entry requirements, just a longing to learn more about God and the Gospel! The Cost is FIFTY DOLLARS per course for study guide printing, course enrollment, and tuition. The Student must have a NKJV Bible.

Thank You for your prayerful attendance,

bISHOP David Lathrop

Freedom Covenant Seminary

Open Registration
September 29<2013

Open registration for FCS is always available.

Did you know you can attend any time with distance education?

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Travel to: .
France, United Kingdom, Cote d'Ivorie. Republic of Congo, Uganda, India, Bangladesh, or Haiti.
You are welcome in these places by FCGM.

Would you like to donate the travel funds? you can do that. contact us.



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Notes Area

FCS is not formally accredited by any institution or governing body.
Government recognized accreditation is not necessary for the vocations in which we are training people, including: Biblical Studies, Christian Leadership, Ministry, and Missions and Evangelism.
Individuals may function and hold jobs in all of these areas without government recognized accreditation.
However, individuals seeking employment in government licensed positions such as public school teachers, state licensed psychologists or psychiatrists, and non church related counselors definitely need government recognized accredited degrees.
The degree programs at FCS are not designed to meet any of these local, state, or national licensing or credentialing regulations, nor to meet any requirements established by any schools, or public, private, or independent organizations or associations.
Therefore, if you are seeking a degree for licensing purposes, FCS advises you to check with that association, state, or school district to determine if our degree programs are acceptable and meet their requirements.
This should be done before applying for acceptance into any degree program at FCS.

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